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Garage Door Cable Repair

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Garage Door Cable Repair

The cables on your garage door make sure your door opens and closes the way it is supposed to so it’s important to make sure they are in the best condition possible. To always ensure that your cables are properly working, get in touch with us Absolute Overhead Door Service of Nashville today. Together we will keep your cables working the way they are supposed to protecting your door from any serious damage and keeping money where it belongs – with you.

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Cables are a very important part in opening and closing your garage door. Cables are moved every time the door is operated and they slide over a system of pulleys and wind around a drum or spool. Sometimes a cable will break. Those reasons include:

  • They wear out over time
  • Bearings become faulty in other places of the door
  • The door is out of balance

Cables do the work of holding the spring tension that balances the weight of the door. Your garage door cables are under extreme tension and should not be serviced by anyone that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Like grandpappy used to say, ‘If you never done it before … leave it for somebody that has’.

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