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Weather Seal

Replacing Weather Seal

Make sure the stuff inside your garage is protected from Mother Nature. A weather stripping helps to act like a barrier around your garage door keeping rain, wind and snow out of your garage.

Benefits of Weather-Stripping

When looking at your garage door as a whole the weather seal is one of those pieces that usually you may not pay much attention. However, the seal found on the four sides of your garage door play a very important role in protecting your door giving it maximum insulation.

Some of the benefits of replacing the existing weather seal include:

  • You can reduce energy bills by keeping your garage cool during a Tennessee Summer and keep the heat it during one of our Winters.
  • Protect the contents inside your garage from pests, dust, dirt, or rain.
  • Blocks bugs and rodents from sneaking in.

The weather stripping will wear out over time and it’s pretty easy to tell when you need to replace it. If the bottom seal is cracked, has a gap, or if you can feel a draft coming through, it’s a good time to replace it.

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